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Physiotherapy Consultancy

We are regularly asked to offer a consultancy service for individual horses which the owner may feel are not heading in the direction they would like. We offer a fresh pair of eyes and review your horse from scratch, taking in to account previous veterinary/medical history we will start from the very beginning and take a full overview of the horse. We use our knowledge and unique approach to unravel what is going on and more importantly what is causing what to happen. Only at this point can effective treatment take place. Unless the root cause is tackled and treated then symptoms persist and return time and time again. We would say this is the most common reason for referrals to our consultancy service and why it is so widely sought after. All too often symptoms are treated, not the causative factors. The root cause has to be the focus of intervention and treatment and is the way in which we approach all our cases which are presented to us using our ‘Consultancy Service’.

Exclusive Competition Support

We also offer our Physiotherapy presence as support services at your key events and shows! Whoever sees a human athlete without a support team of Physiotherapist/Trainer waiting in the wings to assist as necessary at the key times when you need help. This service is particularly effective at shows where classes or stages are spread out or when vet exams are required at different points throughout the event. Physiotherapists are experts in managing acute soft tissue strains, muscle tightness/soreness and skeletal stiffness which may be preventing you and your horse from progressing or moving straight!! Plus, as in human medicine, Physiotherapeutic approaches are substance free and drug free so there’s absolutely no risk of anything we use affecting your horse’s compliance, it’s just gain all the way! If you want a Physiotherapist to join your support team for key events just let us know well in advance so we can book you in, before anyone else gets booked in, and you’ll be making sure you give you and your horse the winning edge! –Be one step ahead of the rest!

Long Term Goal Management

We heavily support Chartered Human Physiotherapists during their Masters degrees to become fully fledged Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapists alongside their Institutions, providing a varied and full caseload to learn from. You may occasionally meet a student Vet Physio (fully qualified human physio) out and about with our Physiotherapists learning alongside our therapists about how to become a focused and forward thinking Vet Physio!

Events and Seminars

We offer regular ‘Events’ and ‘Talks’ whereby people can come along and learn more about their horses and we pair up with other experts in their field to bring you the most up to date information. These events have proved very popular in the past and we will continue to offer you the best information there is. We listen to you as a client and focus on what you want to hear more about so our topics vary dependent upon the requirements of our client base. Feedback from these events has shown you LOVE them and you love the social side of our events just as much as the content you’re learning about!

‘Being Chartered’

We support wholeheartedly the Chartered Physiotherapy route to become a Veterinary Physiotherapist after your human training. We believe this makes you an outstanding Physiotherapist with exceptional skills having gained vast experience and knowledge in the human field first. Everything we do and know as a Physiotherapy profession is derived from our human medical research. Everything we treat we treat in the same way, whether that is human or animal our physiology and anatomy is incredibly similar. Human medical research is rapidly growing and constantly seeking, we maintain this level of knowledge and directly transfer our human Physiotherapy skill and research across to our animal counterparts so they can benefit too. These reasons outline our feelings as a practice and so we do heavily support those training routes providing practical placements for all MSc and Pg Dip courses for Chartered Physiotherapists upgrading their skills to Veterinary practice, and giving them the best training and skills we can. BEWARE that not all Veterinary Physiotherapists are the same! Unfortunately, the term Physiotherapist is not a protected term in the Veterinary world but it is in human medicine. Therefore, when you are seeking Physiotherapy treatment for yourself you can be assured of a high level of training and professional standards from your Physio. Currently the only term which is protected for human physiotherapists in the veterinary field and for you to distinguish between other physiotherapists is the word ‘Chartered’. All Physiotherapists who have ‘Chartered’ before their title ensures you have a very extensively trained human Physiotherapist on top of their Veterinary training. Please check out our credentials to corroborate us, we’re very proud of them. Just please be aware that there are some individuals out there who call themselves Veterinary Physiotherapists but may not have had any training at all!! Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be breaking the law either!

Product Assessment and Source

We stock some fantastic key products which we know will benefit your horse’s recovery and treatment. We are always looking and are open to new products which may help support our therapeutic interventions.

A fundamental role to our service is providing you with tailored advice for you and your horse. Often it becomes clear that your horse would benefit from a key piece of equipment or a product which when carried out frequently between Physio sessions would vastly accelerate their recovery. As part of our assessment and treatment we can advise you on what the best products would be for your set of circumstances and help set them up for ease of use plus ensure the product or piece of equipment is applied in a specific and tailored protocol or applied in a specific way to ensure it achieves the desired outcome.

As a practice we are also Registered Distributors for Forever Living Products, an amazing and full range of products which help to boost overall health, well-being and performance. The Forever Living range of products are based upon using the whole leaf of the Aloe Vera plant which naturally is antibacterial with absolutely incredible natural healing properties. Research has shown this to be true and advocates it’s use for a vast array of conditions and ailments. There are a lot of fantastic products in use within the Veterinary Field which provide arguably unrivalled health support for lots of equine ailments, just ask us for more details. We have a direct online ordering system in place, why not take a look:

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